Improvement and Sustainability of Sweetpotato-Pig Production Systems to Support Livelihoods in Highland Papua and West Papua, Indonesia

Date released
05 June 2016
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Cargill, C., Mahalaya. S., Soplanit, A., Syahputra, AT, Kossay, L., Muiid, N., Isman, Lyons, G., Prabawardani, S., Ginting, E., Glatz, P. , Putra, M., Dwita, D.A., Rumbarar, M.K., Rengil, J.B., and Ellen, A.K.


This training manual is written for farmers and smallholders, agricultural and animal husbandry extension workers, and students. The manual explains the modifications to the farming and livestock systems that have been developed and adapted for 14 years (2000–14) in the highlands of Papua and West Papua. Although the project is focused on the Baliem Valley, Papua, and the Arfak Mountains, West Papua, the information provided in this book can be applied in the eastern part of Indonesia.