Project final report

High quality markets & value chains for small-scale & emerging beef cattle farmers in South Africa (Stage 2) - Final Report

Date released
15 December 2022
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Heather Burrow, Baldwin Nengovhela, Rene Villano, Isaac Koomson, Julius Tjelele, Linky Makgahlela, Elvis Nakana, Petronella Chaminuka, Nonhlanhla Gwamanda, Phillip Strydom, Klaas-Jan Leeuw and Erika Valerio


This project aimed to improve the profitability of emerging and smallholder cattle farmers by developing cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable beef value chains that supply cattle to meet the specifications of high-value, free-range beef markets.

Red meat consumption in South Africa is projected to have increased by 40% by 2023. To meet growing demand, South Africa is a net importer of beef and live animals to supply grain-fed beef to supermarkets and weaner cattle for feedlots. Emerging and communal farmers market less than 10% of their animals each year, compared to 25% in the commercial sector, showing the enormous potential for improvement. 

The overall planned outcome was to increase the cost effectiveness of emerging and communal farm businesses in an environmentally sustainable way.

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