Project final report

Improved animal health surveillance in Timor-Leste - Final Report

Date released
19 December 2022
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Associate Professor Jenny-Ann Toribio, Dr Joanne Millar, Dr Olavio Morais, Dr Ayrial Foster, Dr Paul Hick


This project aimed to contribute to improved passive animal health surveillance in Timor-Leste, which will have downstream impacts on both trade and livelihoods in the country.

Proposed as a 15-month exploratory research activity to help strengthen passive animal disease surveillance in Timor-Leste using pigs as case study, the activities during this project were redesigned to meet the objectives in response to the substantial and ongoing impact of 2 pandemics which impacted Timor-Leste immediately after the start of the research.

Case detection requires support from laboratory diagnostics and integration with a national animal disease database to provide a powerful animal disease surveillance system. For Timor-Leste to meet the animal disease surveillance obligation, the national animal health surveillance system must develop capacity to implement both active surveillance (to determine prevalence and distribution of endemic diseases and evaluate disease control programs) and passive surveillance (to detect and respond to occurrence of endemic and new emerging diseases).

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