Project final report

Development of a third party verified voluntary sustainable certification program for beef and other key commodities in Vanuatu - Final Report

Date released
01 August 2023
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Prepared by: Dr Cherise Addinsall

Collaborators: Votausi Mackenzie-Reur, Jerry Spooner, Laurana Rakau-Tokatakee and Norah Rihai


This project aimed to conduct a detailed scoping study in Vanuatu to develop a third-party verified voluntary sustainable certification program for key commodities in Vanuatu that recognises and compensates for the non-commodity outputs of sustainable farming systems and agritourism.

As a result of the research, the Vanuatu Bureau of Standards prioritised the development of a Regenerative Agritourism and Food Tourism certification program that covers the key commodities in this SRA to be managed by the Not-for-Profit Organisation ‘Regenerative Vanua’.

Certification offers a potential avenue to add value to the non-commodity outputs that traditional agricultural systems in Vanuatu provide by facilitating increased access to environmentally conscious consumers in niche high-value local and global markets.

Due to the size and geographical isolation of Vanuatu, its ability to competitively participate in global markets is severely limited. While attempts have been made to increase the export of primary produce from Vanuatu, this SRA highlights the need for Vanuatu to participate in high-value niche markets.

This research concludes that centring agriculture and agritourism on local Indigenous knowledge is vital, as Vanua has been the most fundamental component of resilience to external threats in the Pacific.

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