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Partners magazine 2006 Issue 3

Date released
11 July 2005
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Since 1992, ACIAR has administered the Australian Government's contribution to the CGIAR and other research centres. This takes two forms: as non-project specific funding to support the work of IARCs with a comparative advantage in the Asia-Pacific region, and allocations to projects led by the centres. Projects involving IARCs cover the full range of agricultural research that ACIAR undertakes - economic/farming systems, cropping systems, natural resource management and livestock systems.

In this issue:

  • Taming wild wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Apomictic Rice
  • Rural Women
  • China's water
  • Fishing for information
  • Pigs and sweet potatoes
  • Cassava's potential
  • Pearl millet straw
  • Mapping the future
  • 'Outgrowers'
  • Fruit Fly Bait
  • Farmer-Managed Fishing
  • Modelling Fisheries
  • Australian Aid
  • Around ACIAR

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