Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2012 Issue 1 30th Anniversary

Date released
26 June 2012
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The June 2012 edition of Partners Magazine celebrates 30 years of achievements, drawing on and reprinting past articles to retell some of our best stories. It also tells the history of ACIAR through the eyes of some former employees as well as contributors and writers involved in producing Partners.

In this issue:

  • ACIAR's presence in the world
  • Our common humanity
  • Timor Leste benefits from our partnership with Australia
  • Food prosperity for all
  • Good intentions are not enough
  • Anatomy of an ACIAR project
  • Benefits boomerang back to the donor
  • The gleam in their eye
  • Faces of ACIAR
  • Chronology
  • The first decade
  • Founded in the face of famine
  • ACIAR trailblazers
  • Adversity breeds a second, greener revolution
  • Science and food security
  • Science's fight against hunger
  • Healing wounds with seeds and soil
  • East Timor taps for a miracle
  • Ancient seeds of survival
  • 30 years in the making

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