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Partners magazine 2013 Issue 1

Date released
06 August 2013
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This issue of Partners tells the story of ACIAR’s program to extend Conservation Agriculture to parts of the developing world in South Asia, Africa and China. Today, Australia has a higher percentage of land under Conservation Agriculture than any other country. ACIAR is working to share the Australian experience and the benefits with the dryland areas of the developing world.

In this issue:

  • Yield growth the weak link in the food security chain
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Drilling into a revolution
  • Raised beds prove their worth
  • New Technologies ease the burden
  • Muscle to machines: cutting labour drudgery in Africa
  • Technology returned to agriculture's cradle
  • Water-wise resilience with CA
  • The scramble for natural resources: how science can help
  • Spillover benefits: El Batán, Mexico

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