Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2013 Issue 2

Date released
24 November 2013
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This special 'Australian Benefits' edition of ACIAR's flagship publication, Partners, includes many examples of how ACIAR’s portfolio of research projects has helped the livelihoods of smallholder farmers overseas, while providing benefits back home.

In this issue:

  • ACIAR in Australia
  • From Australia to the world: Growing our knowledge and the world’s farmers
  • Only as good as your people
  • Australian aid inspires young scientists
  • The funds that make a difference
  • Secure borders and the overseas engagements that protect agriculture
  • The animal diseases that did not reach Australia
  • In defence of Australia’s trees
  • In support of the banana industry
  • Invasion by alien air-breathing predators
  • Innovation and entrepreneurs
  • Barramundi with a side serve of lotus flower
  • Seafood lovers help champion tuna’s future
  • Seeing the forest and the trees
  • Climate change exacerbates the livestock feed gap
  • Of giant clams and live rock: ornamental aquaculture
  • Overseas aid helps Australia conserve soil and water
  • The international nature of germplasm enhancement
  • Research partnership builds economic cooperation
  • Proof positive—Australia still doing well by doing good

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