Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2015 Issue 3

Date released
09 August 2015
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PARTNERS in Research for Development is the flagship publication of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

PARTNERS presents articles that put ACIAR research for development initiatives into perspective, highlighting the important impact that agricultural research has on the lives of people in our partner countries.

In this issue:

  • Australia and international agricultural research
  • Food for thought
  • The impact of partnership
  • The legacy of quiet achievers
  • Profiles
  • Building trust—Nicole Birrell
  • The queen of rice—Professor Beth Woods
  • An adventure comes full circle—Dr James Ryan
  • A man for all seasons—Dr Brian Keating
  • The messenger— Joanna Kane-Potaka
  • To make a difference: how good is that? —Dr Peter Carberry
  • The economics of poverty alleviation —Professor Kym Anderson
  • In the vanguard of the DNA revolution —Dr Elizabeth Dennis
  • Livestock fundamental in the food chain — Professor Lindsay Falvey
  • News and events from around ACIAR
  • A scientist’s global triumph
  • Recognition
  • Science navigates troubled waters
  • Focus sharpens on Asia–Pacific growth
  • Leadership

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