Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2016 Issue 2

Date released
04 July 2016
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In this issue:

  • The Pakistan dream
  • The will to make a difference
  • Pakistan: embracing change and transformation
  • Saat Samundar Par—Across the Seven Seas
  • How to enable agribusiness-driven development
  • Encounters that matter
  • Market mindset delivers lasting value
  • Breaking the mango disease cycle
  • Dr Munawar Razi Kazmi: A flair for the big picture
  • Foraging for new opportunities in the dairy sector
  • Bees and the dairy industry
  • Dr Ejaz Qureshi: The economic importance of agriculture
  • Citrus delight
  • Mitigating the effects of extreme heat
  • Together we are stronger
  • The evidence that points the way forward
  • No food without water
  • Farming the economic growth of the future
  • ACIAR news

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