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Partners magazine 2006 Issue 4

Date released
25 October 2006
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ACIAR's work in the Mekong region, including Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, is profiled in this issue. The focus in on aquaculture, animal health, agricultural policy, capacity building and horticulture. Cambodia, which has a predominantly a rice-based farming system, has two thrusts: to support research that underpins diversifying production beyond rice and to increase the productivity of rice-based farming systems. In Laos research initiatives have been aimed at crop and livestock farming diversification to improve the productivity of agricultural systems. An important focus in both Cambodia and Laos is on capacity development and training, and also on complementing programs by larger donors. In Vietnam the focus in on biosecurity issues, with concern in the region about avian influenza and the value of surveillance and diagnostic systems for pests and diseases.

In this issue:

  • Tracking fish genes
  • Thriving on fish feeds research
  • Class lures Asia's fish feeders
  • Rat traps break breeding cycles
  • Animal magnetism checks disease
  • Need for vaccine network
  • Vietnam looks to ACIAR 'Short Cuts'
  • Economies of size sought in land reforms
  • Grain gain from skills lift
  • Hybrid fast-track for timber
  • Easing citrus growing pains
  • Feisty ants guard mangoes
  • Prosperity ripens on durian rescue
  • Fruit of their labours
  • New varieties lift soybean hopes
  • A lesson in the value of 'process'
  • Training for a competitive edge
  • Cambodia builds on diversified expertise
  • Learning by example
  • Board touches base with Mekong partners
  • Expansion of the John Allwright Fellowship scheme
  • New appointments, projects and publications

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