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Partners magazine 2008 Issue 1

Date released
31 October 2007
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This edition is focused on climate change, looking at the impact on plant breeding, farm forestry, native grasslands and water use. It also contains articles on rice quality and fertiliser use.

In this issue:

  • Plant breeders prepare for climate change
  • Chalky rice
  • Restoring China's grasslands
  • Farm forests seen as commercial carbon sinks
  • India's burning rice bowl
  • Targeted fertiliser lifts income and lowers waste
  • Profiting from the climate prophets
  • Overseeing a rural renaissance
  • Prime Minister's wife visits Dili projects
  • Tony Fischer wins 2007 Farrer Memorial Medal
  • Fisheries leaders meet in Townsville
  • ACIAR hosts Cambodian VIP
  • Farewell Ken and Bill
  • Crawford Fund seminar considers the future of biofuels
  • New appointments
  • New projects
  • New publications

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