Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2008 Issue 2

Date released
29 May 2008
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This edition is focused on the role of women in agriculture, looking at various ACIAR projects that have worked with rural women.

In this issue:

  • Communities make a stand on shared care for the land
  • Forage crops ease the burden of finding pig feed
  • Technology marriage joins PNG farmers to a dedicated market
  • 'Agents of change' help secure monsoon farmers
  • Knowledge lifts women farmers to centre stage
  • Indigenous plants could herald new economy
  • Ibu Supriyani: organic farming pioneer in Aceh
  • Grains researchers on the mark
  • Past lessons a wellspring of optimism
  • Australia increases funds of international aid research
  • World Development Report
  • World food situation
  • Cambodian crop production workshop
  • Kiribati's new jewels
  • Launch of PNG postharvest manuals
  • Derek Tribe Award 2007
  • John Fryer Scholarship
  • Indian project team wins CSIR award
  • Upcoming events
  • New appointments
  • New publications
  • New projects

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