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Partners magazine 2009 Issue 1

Date released
11 January 2009
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This issue is focused on food security. It includes stories on a market driven collaboration reducing rural poverty in Indonesia, creating aquaculture opportunities in India and Australia, raising farm production in Bangladesh and boosting horticulture in the Pacific.

In this issue:

  • Seeking answers to the food crisis
  • Farmers grasp the business of change
  • India's 'fish-out-of-groundwater' story
  • Annual Crawford conference sounds food security alarm
  • Dry fallow rice paddies make beds of opportunity
  • Food security the key, not self-sufficiency
  • Flower power begins to bloom in the Pacific
  • Agricultural research earns high rates of return on investment
  • Foreign Minister visits ICRISAT
  • McMullan in Papua New Guinea
  • New work in Iraq
  • Report from food crisis task force
  • Project leaders win World Bank grant
  • John Allwright Fellows visit ACIAR
  • Cocoa partner to study research adoption
  • Latest Fellows announced
  • John Dillon Memorial Fellowships
  • First John Fryer Scholarships announced
  • Aquaculture course hatches its 100th graduate
  • Forestry intern at ACIAR
  • New appointments
  • New publications
  • New projects

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