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Partners magazine 2010 Issue 1

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21 March 2010
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This edition examines the issues of water management and agriculture, and how these impact on food security. This edition is also the first to be available in an electronic magazine format. Since the global food crisis of 2008 food security has dominated much of the debate about development assistance. Many factors created that crisis, but water is the issue that is most likely to challenge agriculture into the future. Demand for water is increasing from urban and industrial users, and for use in environmental flows. Farmers are facing increased competition for water, and will be faced with a future that only increases that pressure. At the same time farmers will be expected to grow more food. Agricultural R&D is responding to this challenge, learning how to better manage crops in dryland conditions, and how to manage and preserve water resources. In this edition we report on research initiatives tackling some of these issues, from managing water in river systems that span three Indian states to ensuring equity amongst agricultural practitioners in China. Also in China ACIAR-funded research is saving water, reducing fertiliser use and cutting greenhouse gases, an example of how appropriate and measured responses can help farmers tackle some of the biggest problems they face. Water management on a smaller scale is also underway; in Vietnam new irrigation guidelines, using practical farm-based approaches, are saving water. In the Philippines overuse of groundwater threatens to drain aquifers, however ACIAR-funded research is helping farmers understand and take steps to reduce groundwater usage. Reports also cover how crops utilise water, how fishways can help migratory fish species in Laos navigate past small weirs, and efforts to help improve water management in Indonesia.

In this issue:

  • Thirsty farms challenge India's food bowl
  • Models of prediction
  • Equitable flows
  • Less is more
  • Water depth the root of the problem
  • New rules for irrigation
  • Testing the waters
  • Well-grounded water management
  • Fishways break down the barriers
  • Scientists rally to the challenge of a drying planet
  • New ACIAR program structures
  • Deputy CEO moves to greener pastures
  • Crawford Fund Conference 2020
  • Agriculture Institute marks 10-year anniversary
  • Helping to develop evaluation champions
  • New publications
  • New projects

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