Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2011 Issue 1

Date released
19 December 2010
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This edition has a focus on ACIAR’s work in Africa, amongst a range of stories about ways people are improving their food security and incomes.

In this issue:

  • A shifting landscape
  • To market, a new challenge
  • Proof of profit ushers in equality
  • Africa recruits research partners to secure its food
  • Pacific's tree of life to rise again
  • Fish ponds yield new food enterprises
  • Genetic resources put to work for farmers
  • From little things big things grow
  • Farewell to the 'green bank' advocate
  • Ministerial changes
  • Emergency effort for Pakistan
  • World Bank discussion on food security
  • Crawford Fund conference
  • New Crawford Fund chair
  • ACIAR website redesign
  • Landline visits Vietnam
  • Graduates
  • Scholarships
  • New appointments
  • New publications
  • New projects

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