Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2011 Issue 2

Date released
07 June 2011
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This edition has a focus on ACIAR partnerships with non-government organisations. Also in this issue we ‘celebrate women’ with a special edition of the ACIAR roundup focusing on the achievements of women working with ACIAR.

In this issue:

  • Aid R&D is a two-way journey
  • From aid to progress
  • Fuelwood tensions spark opportunity
  • A country farms its future
  • Cassava, cyanide and konzo disease
  • Good bugs, bad bugs and new hope
  • Lesson in diversity from Samoa's taro blight
  • Oysters cultivate mutual prosperity
  • Floods show value of 'doomsday vault'
  • How ACIAR adapts to a dynamic world
  • Celebrating International Women's Day
  • Developing leaders
  • Testing new technology
  • Building skills
  • Overcoming cultural barriers
  • Supporting women researchers
  • Vale Mirko Stauffacher

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