Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2011 Issue 3

Date released
04 October 2011
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This issue has a focus on ACIAR’s partnerships with the people working within ACIAR projects. This edition celebrates the dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of the people involved with ACIAR, and recognises that these qualities bring success to ACIAR projects.

In this issue:

  • Local priorities deliver results
  • Water works
  • Yesterday's aid recipient is today's R&D partner
  • Lifelong passion fuels productivity lift
  • The farmer needs a market
  • Sharing our citrus success with Bhutan
  • Fijian papaya gets a boost
  • Research grows from the seeds of fellowship
  • Positive news for world's poor
  • Sea ranching shows promise
  • Laos researchers in Wagga Wagga
  • ACIAR Commission appointments
  • Helping Tibetans keep butter tea on the table
  • Farmers happy with increased rice yields in Sulawesi
  • Weather forecasts for Indian farmers
  • Cambodia builds first no-till seeder
  • Congratulations Norah
  • John Dillon Fellows visit Canberra
  • New staff
  • Globetrotters
  • ACIAR Commissioners
  • New publications
  • New projects
  • Events

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