Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2017 Issue 3

Date released
18 July 2017
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Philippines provides a wonderful example of ACIAR’s partnership model in action.

The articles in this issue of Partners provide a rich cross-section of our research portfolio and demonstrate the power and value of ACIAR’s combination of breadth of disciplines, depth of partnerships, and length of relationships to ensure impact over time.

In this issue:

  • The Philippine program
  • Providing science solutions
  • Focus on the Philippines
  • Farming in a typhoon corridor
  • Epidemic strikes banana plantations
  • Horticulture projects reveal disease threats, at home and abroad
  • To the rescue of sandfish
  • Development defined by poor farmers
  • To the aid of coral reef habitats
  • The livelihood value of seaweed
  • Giant clams and unexpected impacts
  • People power key for reforestation
  • Stronger communities prosper together
  • The Philippines’ landscape challenge

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