Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2018 Issue 2

Date released
13 August 2018



As our closest neighbour, improving food security, biosecurity and human nutrition and health in PNG will always be a very high priority for Australian aid, and ACIAR in particular.

We are very proud of our track record in PNG, and the stories in this magazine attest to the value of this enduring partnership.

In this issue:

  • Preface by Andrew Campbell
  • Foreword by Bruce Davis
  • Balsa wood: not just for model aeroplanes
  • Canarium nuts empower women farmers to build commercial businesses
  • Commended by the Queen
  • Win:win training programs
  • Success: PNG women as smallholder farmers
  • Clean sweetpotato improving income for farmers
  • Boosting cocoa production through improved pest management
  • Research to halt a deadly disease in coconut palms
  • A homecoming through fish farming research in PNG
  • Building vital research skills in the fisheries sector
  • Fishing for a better future: innovative Fish for Prisons program
  • Investigating sharks and rays in PNG
  • Improving soil fertility in the highlands
  • Australia pitches in
  • New oil palms replanting model
  • Spotlight on Dr Veronica Bue
  • Publications

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