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Partners magazine 2018 Issue 3

Date released
29 November 2018



In the final edition for 2018, Partners in Research for Development  focuses on the relationship between agriculture and nutrition and the double burden facing developing countries in combating hunger and obesity.

Although the number of people starving has halved since 1969, two billion people still lack vital micronutrients such as iron and vitamin A, and 2.1 billion adults are overweight or obese.

As this challenge becomes more prevalent throughout the developing world, researchers are turning to agriculture to see how to better support a population hungry for not just more calories, but nutritious food beneficial to human health.

The relationship between agriculture and nutrition was the key theme of the 2018 Crawford Fund Conference recently held in Canberra, with many of the scientists, researchers, and academics involved in the conference interviewed for the edition.

Other stories cover the biofortification of grains, managing climate variability in Papua New Guinea, how scientists sequenced the wheat genome, recognising the importance of livestock, and the Virtual Irrigation Academy in Africa.  

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • News
  • Events November 2018 – May 2019
  • Reshaping agriculture for better nutrition
  • Nutrition’s double burden—time to act
  • Getting to the root of the issue
  • Being prepared for the dry … or wet
  • Harvest of knowledge—sequencing the wheat genome
  • Valuing livestock
  • Water makes the world go around
  • Small fish, big impact
  • Linking nutrition and agriculture for better health
  • Regional round up

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