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Partners magazine 2019 Issue 4

Date released
17 December 2019



In this issue of Partners magazine we are having another look at climate change resilience.

Our previous issue focused on the challenges facing farmers, fishers and foresters in the Pacific. At the Pacific Week of Agriculture in Samoa in late September, ACIAR hosted a series of side events and consulted partners about our draft Pacific Strategy. We are now considering the feedback we received and undertaking a final round of consultation before finalising. Adapting to the impacts of climate change is a key theme, given its importance to our Pacific partners.

Responding effectively to the impact of climate change is a major challenge for ACIAR and our partners. We are playing a science leadership role in regional efforts to implement policies and actions that promote more sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. In this issue we highlight some of the important work of ACIAR and its partners across the Indo-Pacific region in mitigating agricultural emissions, and building the resilience of agricultural systems and communities. This focus is likely to intensify in coming years.

We also reflect on our relationship with the CGIAR and get to know a few of its Australian leaders. Many Australians work across the CGIAR, sharing scientific expertise throughout the worlds’ largest agricultural innovation network, comprising 15 CGIAR research institutes. This exchange works both ways, with CGIAR alumni among our ACIAR staff. We look forward to very constructive engagement with CGIAR as the current reform process will hopefully deliver a much more coherent and cohesive system, better tuned to the cross-cutting challenges of food and nutrition security in changing climates.

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • Events
  • News: A boost of US$650 million for CGIAR to help farmers adapt to climate change
  • An enduring partnership: Australia and CGIAR
  • Pacific Week of Agriculture draws leaders, advances ideas
  • Pakistan builds partnership bridges over water issues
  • Eastern Africa focus on cutting emissions, boosting productivity
  • Internships capture project opportunities
  • Maize–legume project a double win in Africa
  • Regional Roundup

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