Sandalwood Regional Forum

Date released
17 January 2022
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Tony Page, John Meadows and Toufau Kalsakau (Editors)


Sandalwood from the Indo-Pacific region has been highly sought after for generations, with demand for its essential oil and heartwood remaining strong since it was first harvested more than 200 years ago. Sandalwood trade provides an important source of income for many smallholders in the region.

ACIAR has invested in considerable research and development in the cultivation of sandalwood by smallholder farmers over the past 30 years, exemplified by rapidly expanding smallholder plantings.

These proceedings contain the research papers and abstracts of work presented at the Sandalwood Regional Forum in Vanuatu, in 2019, and bring together the latest knowledge and insight into sandalwood production and trade for smallholder farmers across the Asia-Pacific region. The proceedings explore resource conservation and planting, propagation and domestication, heartwood biology and oil chemistry, species resource assessments and smallholder woodlots, product grading and standards, and value chains and marketing.

This publication is targeted at practitioners, extension agents, researchers, policy makers and industry representatives across the Asia–Pacific region, but the knowledge and lessons gained from the forum also contribute to improved management of the sandalwood resource at farm, community and policy levels.