Project final report

Enhancing returns from high-value agroforestry species in Vanuatu - Final Report

Date released
11 January 2023
Publication Code

Page, T & Palmer, G, David, M, Ota, L, Carias, D, Macdonell, P, Doran, J, Grant, E, Viranamangga, R, Kalsakau, T, Kaku, S, Tungon, J, Tabi, M


This project aimed to advance the Vanuatu planted forestry sector by improving the availability of new and existing technologies and facilitating wider smallholder adoption of the 3 priority species.

The project has consolidated existing knowledge on appropriate production systems, analysed the financial performance of smallholder production systems, evaluated options for developing more inclusive supply chains and developed domestication strategies for the 3 focal species.

To achieve this, the project sought to: (1) enhance  availability of selected canarium seed through evaluation and capture of wild resources; (2) improve the value of planted sandalwood by widening the deployment of improved genetic resources; (3) enhance knowledge and capacity among whitewood value chain stakeholders, of growing, processing and marketing of high and lower value wood products; and, (4) increase adoption of existing technologies for planted forests through improved knowledge development and transfer among stakeholders.

Combined, these outputs represent a resource to guide the strategic development of smallholder planted forestry in Vanuatu.

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