Project final report

Testing and refining the Comprehensive Framework of Response Assessment in the Philippines - Final Report

Date released
02 August 2022
Publication Code

Anik Bhaduri, Sayed Iftekhar, Alexandre Teixeira, Leon Nguyen, and Joe McMahon


This project aimed to refine a standardised methodology for response assessment for the sustainable management of land, water, and soils in the Philippines.

Project outcomes

  • Stakeholder dialogue with key partners and organisations in the Philippines to understand the scope and application of CFRA, identify case studies as well as develop the theory of change.
  • Developed a methodology to calculate threats to agriculture production and other ecosystem services and understanding the trade-off relationship between agriculture production threat (APT) and ecosystem service threat (EST)
  • Revised methodology to calculate effective response Index to address the trade-off and incorporate non-linear relations of the effectiveness as a function of the state of land degradation.

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