Project final report

Domestication and breeding of sandalwood in Fiji and Tonga -​ Final Report

Date released
28 February 2022
Publication Code

David Bush and Waisea Bolatolu, Bronwyn Clarke, Heimuli Likiafu, Jalesi Mateboto, Lex Thomson


This project aimed to establish the foundation for conservation and domestication of native sandalwood (S. yasi) in Fiji and Tonga to support the development of a sustainable industry.

Years of overharvesting have seriously depleted native sandalwood (Santalum yasi), and has significantly reduced the genetic diversity within local stands. Although inbreeding has negative consequences for plantations established with seed from local seed sources, ongoing demand for high-quality sandalwood and sandalwood oil creates an opportunity to develop a sustainable, planted resource in Fiji and Tonga.

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