Project final report

Smallholder livestock futures in Southeast Asia -​ Final Report

Date released
25 January 2022
Publication Code

Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Jeda Palmer, Mark van Wijk, Mario Herrero (Ed)
Shahnila Dunston, Trang Pham Thi, Phuc Phan Thi Hong, Hor Sanara, Jim Hammond, Francesco Tacconi, Katharina Waha


This project aimed to assess the competitiveness, resilience, and adaptability of smallholder livestock production systems in Southeast Asia, so that they remain an engine of agricultural and human development. 

Understanding how livestock production systems are likely to evolve is central to ensuring a sustainable demand and supply pattern of animal source foods in the region.

Critical to farmers’ incomes, nutrition and food security, livelihoods and resilience in much of Southeast Asia, the trend of increasing demand for livestock products is not yet matched by significant efforts to increase smallholder production, implying there could be widespread benefits to farmers and consumers alike if the former can respond to the increased demand. However, if increases in the production of livestock products are not carefully managed, adverse consequences could include greater pressures on natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and threats of zoonotic diseases.

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