Impact assessment

ACIAR Database for Impact Assessments (ADIA): an outline of the database structure and a guide to its operation

Date released
26 July 2009
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Centre for International Economics


Which types of research and development (R&D) lead to the best returns, and in what circumstances? ACIAR constantly strives to answer these questions in order to make better-informed decisions with respect to future research projects. As part of this learning process, ACIAR has developed a standard approach to assessing projects. This report describes the development of the ACIAR Database for Impact Assessments (ADIA) that will be the repository of information from impact assessments and PIAS forms. The database will record all projects funded by ACIAR, and build up the information for each project as adoption studies and impact assessments are undertaken. The major aim of the database is to provide a consistent set of information that can be updated over the life of a project, and beyond to when the impact becomes observable. I commend the substantial work that has gone into the database development to date and look forward to its progressive implementation.