Advances in tropical acacia research

Date released
31 December 1990
Publication Code

J W Turnbull



Australian acacias have received attention in recent years because they are proving suitable for reforestation projects in the tropics. Since they are nitrogen fixing trees many species adapt well to poor soils. Different species have uses such as erosion control, plantation and community forestry, production of fuelwood, pulp for paper making, construction and furniture timber, and tannin for leather making. These proceedings arise from an ACIAR sponsored workshop in Bangkok in February 1991 involving scientists from 11 countries. The 44 papers and recommendation summaries cover the setting up of seed orchards, vegetative propagation, the value of acacias for pulping and priorities for research on genetic resources, silviculture and acacia utilisation. Many of the papers concentrate on Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis.