Agroforestry and animal production for human welfare

Date released
31 December 1993
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Copland, J.W., Djajanegra. A., and Sabrani, M.


Proceedings of an international symposium held in association with the 7th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Bali. Indonesia. 11-16 July 1994. This paper reviews the animal production potential of agroforestry systems. Factors influencing animal productivity include the forage contribution from tree and non-tree sources, competition between tree and understorey, compatibility between tree crop and animals, and the service role of the tree in ameliorating the microclimate of the animal. Animal productivity ranges from highly productive in systems where the tree forms the primary source of animal forage to poorly productive in silvopastoral situations where the animal is of secondary importance dependent on an underused resource within the system.