Project final report

Analysis of mango markets, trade and strategic research issues in the Asia-Pacific - final report

Date released
13 September 2019
Publication Code

Robin E Roberts, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University


Raheel Abbas, Sohail Ayyaz, Ian Baker, Richard Beyer, Ernie Brown, Rob Duthie, Peter Johnson, Teddy Kristedi, Salesh Kumar, Hugh Macintosh, Richard Markham, Nguyen Van Hoa, John Oakshott, Meng Pagnchak-Roat, Hemalatha Palanivel, Wayne Prowse, Lim Sophornthida, Tiago Wandschneider


The study’s overarching aim was to significantly increase the income of smallholder mango farmers in the region by identifying and better understanding strategic industry and market development issues, research gaps and opportunities.

This report presents a portrait of the previously undocumented regional mango production, trade and position in the Asia–Pacific region and provides an overview of mango production, trade, markets and market dynamics, biosecurity and food processing challenges in ACIAR partner countries.

This study aimed to better understand and identify strategic industry and market development issues, research gaps and opportunities for mango production: globally, regionally and within partner countries. It provides a longer-term perspective to inform ACIAR-funded mango research programs, which strive to improve the profitability and livelihoods of smallholder farming communities.