Animal biosecurity in the Mekong: future directions for research and development

Date released
02 April 2012
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Adams L.B., Gray G.D and Murray G. (eds)


Livestock disease constrains livelihood development in the Mekong countries through loss of animals and their productivity, restriction of trade within and between countries, and the diseases that can be transmitted from livestock to humans. The term biosecurity describes the methods used to contain these diseases and prevent their transmission. ACIAR, as a long-term supporter of research partnerships that address both endemic and epidemic disease, including foot-and-mouth, classical swine fever and avian influenza, co-hosted a workshop in Cambodia to address animal biosecurity in the Mekong region. The workshop brought together researchers from six countries to examine achievements, assess future gaps and needs in research and development, and identify opportunities to further develop research linkages between the region and Australia.