Technical report

Developing a clean market chain for poultry products in Indonesia

Date released
29 June 2014
Publication Code

Ian Patrick, Geoff Smith, Hasnah, Ni Putu Sarini, Hasmida Karim, Bugie Kurnianto, Dewa Dharma, A.A.S. Putri Komaladara and Tristan Jubb


This report describes a trial in three Indonesian provinces that developed a niche market for poultry products produced on farms that implemented appropriate biosecurity activities. The aim of the trail was to test whether a market chain could provide incentives for all chain participants to produce and market these ‘Healthy Farm’ products. The trial showed that supermarket consumers were prepared to pay a premium price for meat and eggs produced on approved biosecure farms; and that the existing market can be used to improve biosecurity in smallholder poultry farms in Indonesia.

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