Project final report

Development of a PNG timber industry based on community-based planted forests: design and implementation of a national germplasm delivery system - Final report

Date released
30 June 2016
Publication Code

Tony Page, Anton Lata, Gedisa Jeffrey, Wake Yelu, Simon Rollinson, Neville Howcroft, Sylvester Kulang, Daniel Waldi, Linzon Zamang, John Rabbi, Inter Vinarut, Samuel Famiok, David Spencer, Guduru Rome, Linden Oa, Victoria Graham


This project aimed to promote the development of the PNG plantation-based timber industry by developing approaches to establishment of germplasm supply and delivery mechanisms and by facilitating their adoption.

The project sought to address the shortage of adequate supplies of tree germplasm (seeds or planting stock) for selected high value tree species in PNG.

Project outcomes

  • Installed “core” germplasm production units in each of three regional hubs.
  • Secured existing teak genetic resources.
  • Enabled and exemplify local germplasm production and/or delivery though
    establishment of working pilot projects.
  • Determined the feasibility of nursery microenterprises as a mechanism for delivering
    germplasm from source (seed-tree) to end-users.
  • Facilitated scaling-out (to new regions) and scaling-up (within existing hubs) of the
    approaches developed and tested in the three hubs.