Project final report

Domestic and international market development for high-value cattle and beef in South-East Cambodia - final report

Date released
01 June 2019
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Geoff Smith


This project supported the development of a market chain that encouraged smallholders in south-east Cambodia (85% of whom currently own cattle) to access the Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap markets.

Smallholder farmers who own cattle in Cambodia have limited access to domestic and export markets which increasingly demand high and consistent quantity and quality beef. Livestock owners also suffer production and financial losses because of disease outbreak.

The Cambodian Strategy for Livestock Production (2011) seeks to improve market participation and reduce associated risks of disease. Sustainable market chains ensure that all stakeholders in the market chain have economic incentives to work with smallholders to better manage biosecurity and production.

ACIAR worked with Cambodian institutions, livestock traders and producers to evaluate the cattle market chain, provide smallholder farmers with greater capacity to participate in developing cattle markets, and improve market chains that encourage all participants to produce appropriate quantities and quality of cattle.