Efficient nutrient use in rice production in Vietnam achieved using inoculant biofertilisers

Date released
08 September 2008
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Kennedy, I.R., Choudhury, A.T.M.A, Kecskés, M.L. and Rose, M.T. (eds)


These proceedings provide a summary of the research outputs of work in Vietnam to assess the significance of a biofertiliser called BioGro. BioGro provides significant benefits for the growth and yield of rice. Apart from its technological content, this volume also contains five chapters emphasising economic or commercial assessments of the application of BioGro. Readers are left to draw their own conclusions about the significance of the BioGro. There is still room to debate; however, in the past decade the prices of N and P fertilisers have more than trebled, with few if any prospects that this trend can be reversed. As a consequence, it may be justifiable to expect major benefits from biofertilisers like BioGro for smallholder rice farmers in Vietnam and other developing countries in the immediate future rather than much later.