Impact assessment

Eucalypt tree improvement in China

Date released
30 January 2005
Publication Code

Martin van Bueren


Eucalypt plantation forestry has become a major economic activity in China's southern provinces. This benefit-cost study estimates the net economic benefits of all seven ACIAR-funded projects as a package. These projects played a central role in delivering the productivity improvements that now underpin this industry. Furthermore, the development of high-yielding trees has been partly responsible for the rapid expansion in plantation area. Note: This impact assessment study of eucalypt R&D in China has focused primarily on the ACIAR and collaborator research funding and the returns to this major development. There is a much wider development story to be told. ACIAR is currently funding Dr John Turnbull to write a more comprehensive complimentary report which will provide full details of this important 'development supported by research' story. This report will fully describe the details of the complex contribution of many groups which was required to achieve this impressive outcome.