Hypsipyla shoot borers in Meliaceae

Date released
23 January 2001
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R B Floyd & C Hauxwell


Damage from shoot borers of the genus Hypsipyla Ragonot present the greatest deterrent to the establishment and cultivation of the high value timber species belonging to the family Meliaceae, including species of Swietenia, Khaya, Toona and Cedrela. The most serious damage to the tree results from the tunnelling of the lava in the developing shoots. This boring leads to the death of the terminal shoot and subsequent production of laterals, eventually resulting in a stunted, continuously branched and crooked tree of greatly diminished value for timber production. Growth rate is reduced and death can result from heavy and repeated attacks. This publication contains the papers presented at an International Workshop held at Kandy, Sri Lanka 20-23 August 1996. The review describes the biology and ecology of the main Hypsipyla species and highlights areas warranting further research.