Impact assessment

Impact assessment of ACIAR’s Aceh aquaculture rehabilitation projects

Date released
31 July 2018
978 1 925746 26 6
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JL Ackerman and B Sayaka


This impact assessment focused on two projects supporting tambak redevelopment in Aceh, after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. One project aimed to lift technical capacity of the Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau (BPBAP) and the second worked in partnership with BPBAP to advance aquaculture rehabilitation. ACIAR teams undertook training of BPBAP staff to develop capacity and knowledge on rebuilding and improving the design of tambaks.

The impact assessment study highlighted the sustained benefits of developing individual and institutional capacity in the substantially changed social, economic and political settings of Aceh after the disaster. The projects studied contributed to building capacity, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm in the Aceh aquaculture industry, which are critical elements for the recovery of rural livelihoods and communities.