Impact assessment

Impact of improved management of white grubs in peanut-cropping systems in India

Date released
04 August 2008
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Monck M. and Pearce D.


This project looked at the problems caused by various species of white-grub pests in peanut production in India and Australia. It was specifically designed to link with a non-government organisation, the Agricultural Man Ecology Foundation, to ensure adoption of the technology package in a target region (Raichur) in India. This impact assessment study shows that the project has generated important benefits for a crop that is largely grown by the poorer farmers in this part of India. The present value of the net benefits was estimated at A$6.1 million, with a benefit:cost ratio of 5.7:1 and an internal rate of return of 29%. All these benefits accrued to India, but the results of the research have also helped to improve understanding of the impact of white grubs on Australian peanut crops and facilitate the application of improvements to production already introduced here.