Impact assessment

The impact of increasing efficiency and productivity of ruminants in India by the use of protected-nutrient technology

Date released
22 July 2007
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Monck M. and Pearce D.



The dairy industry is a large and important sector for India and availability of quality feed is a significant issue for cow productivity. The project assessed in this study focused on this major constraint and adapted some technologies readily available in Australia to suit the types of feed available in India. The impact has been substantial, with relatively rapid adoption. The study shows that the returns on investment are very high with a net present value of benefits of $232.1m, a benefit:cost ratio of 124:1 and an internal rate of return of 43.8%. The impacts were estimated using the feed-plant facilities constructed during and after the project. However, information collected during the project visit suggests an additional 20 plants could be developed in the future. This will be on top of the five plants currently in production or being developed. It was too early to be certain that these additional plants will be built so the impact of this potential additional capacity was not included. If these additional plants are developed, the impact of the research will be substantially higher than the results presented in this report.