Project final report

Improving market integration for high value fruit and vegetable production systems in Indonesia - final report

Date released
10 March 2019
Publication Code

Sahara, Arief Daryanto, Rizka Amalia Nugrahapsari, Henri Perkasa, Thomas Reardon and Randy Stringer


This project aimed to grow and develop Indonesia's fresh fruit and vegetable value chains, focusing on ways that smallholders and rural communities could participate and benefit more fully.

Why so few Indonesian smallholder farmers move up the value ladder into more competitive, profitable markets is not well documented. Policymakers lack knowledge of successes from promoting small farm participation in Indonesia's modern horticultural chains.

The project formulated lessons learned from past research; determined factors influencing success of farmer and trader links to modern markets; strengthened engagement between industry, government and researchers; and built capacity of researchers and policymakers. The research collected data on producers, traders, and food retailers using literature reviews, surveys with key stakeholders and case studies.

Results included higher returns to Indonesian smallholders, improved productivity and quality products, and more efficient and competitive domestic fruit and vegetable value chains.

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