Project final report

Improving soil and water management and crop productivity of dryland agriculture systems of Aceh and NSW - Final report

Date released
27 January 2022
Publication Code

Dr Malem McLeod


This project aimed to increase the crop yields of dryland farmers in Aceh to help them make a better living. 

Previous research showed that growing vegetables and dry-season crops could increase family incomes but water and nutrient availability limit the productivity of dryland soil. Rural poverty in dryland farming areas is a major challenge to the development of the agriculture sector in Aceh. With pressure to increase production, but lack of capital, farmers apply very little or no fertiliser to dryland crops, resulting in yields being significantly below their potential.

This project addressed production constraints, such as water and nutrient availability, were addressed through research, demonstration, and training activities. The project also helped women farmers grow vegetables for family consumption and income. 

Adoption of technologies developed through the project was expected to increase yields of key dryland crops by at least 20% and farmer annual income was estimated to increase by an average A$300 per hectare as a result of higher yield and more crop diversity.

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