Impact assessment

Integrated management of insect pests of stored grain in the Philippines

Date released
03 August 2009
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Francisco S.R., Mangabat M.C., Mataia A.B., Acda M.A., Kagaoan C.V., Laguna J.P., Ramos M., Garabiag K.A., Paguia F.L. and Mullen J.D.


This study was undertaken in partnership with the Bureau of Agricultural Research of the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture (DA-BAR) and the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD), to look at projects that focused on developing effective methods for treating stored grains for control of pests. These projects covered several countries in South-East Asia, including the Philippines. This assessment focused on the impact in the Philippines and, through surveys of members of the grain sector, found that there has been significant adoption of the outcomes. This has been primarily by the larger storage and handling sectors of the rice and other grain industries. The study found that the return on this significant investment by all parties was substantial, with a net present value of research gains to the Philippines of PHP65,544m or A$1,696m. This provides a benefit:cost ratio of approximately 174:1 and an internal rate of return of 46.6%.