Project final report

Living with Salinity in the Indus Basin: SRA 2 - final report

Date released
01 January 2020
Publication Code

Drs Michael Mitchell, Catherine Allan, Jay Punthakey (CSU), Ed prepared by Barrett-Lennard (Murdoch), Sandra Heaney-Mustafa (UC), Bakhshal Lashari (MUET), Irfan Baig (MNSUAM), and Iftikhar Hussain (SOFT)


This small research and development activity (SRA) was the second associated with the development of a proposed long-term ACIAR program for building adaptive capacity of communities living in salinity-affected landscapes of Pakistan.

The increasing extent and severity of salinisation across the Indus Basin greatly jeopardises the potential of those living there to escape the trap of poverty. Soil salinity problems are particularly serious in Sindh province where some 70 to 80% of the soil is classified as moderately or severely saline.

Given the scale and severity of the development issues, this SRA sought to build greater engagement with potential partners in the southern end of the Indus Basin, create opportunities for key individuals from Pakistan who are championing the project to meet with and learn from those in Australia who have dealt with or are dealing with their salinity-affected landscapes, and create activities to ensure the project proposal uses pathways to impact based on sound systems analysis.

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