Management of clay soils for rainfed lowland rice-based cropping systems

Date released
31 December 1995
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G Kirchhof & H B So (eds)


In Asian countries rice is the most important staple food. The most common practice for paddy rice is to puddle the soil before rice seedlings are planted. Puddling is the most important soil management strategy for rice production. Where irrigation is not available, rice is generally grown under rainfed conditions during the rainy season. It is possible for upland crops to be planted after lowland rice in rainfed areas. However, the yields are very low, and the previously puddled soil layer poses considerable restrictions on cropping after rice. Therefore, development of suitable management practices to grow food legumes after the rice crop on these puddled soils would be particularly advantageous. These proceedings are the result of a workshop held in Quezon City, Philippines in November 1995, and present the results of this research as well as papers presented on related research from the international scientific community.