Technical report

Mineral nutrition of food legumes in Thailand

Date released
31 December 1989
Publication Code

R Bell, B Rerkasem, P Keerati-Kasikorn, S Phetchawee, N Hiranburana, S Ratanarat, et al.


ACIAR has supported two complementary studies in Thailand that have confirmed deficiencies of the micronutrients boron and molybdenum and the macronutrients phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and nitrogen in a high proportion of food legume crops. Crops affected include black gram, green gram, peanut and soybean. This report details methods of assessing micronutrient deficiencies and recommends ways to counter deficiencies through fertiliser applications and selection of specialised cultivars. This information will assist all who are concerned with identifying and correcting nutrient deficiencies in crops.