Impact assessment

Mite pests of honey bees in the Asia-Pacific region

Date released
14 July 2007
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Michael Monck and David Pearce


Mite pests of bees are one of the major production constraints facing the apiary industry throughout the world. In most countries, the mites are present and have a significant impact on productivity and production costs. In Australia, the only country in the world without these mites, the maintenance of effective quarantine strategies against them is a major aim. ACIAR has funded research on these pests for about 15 years, which has made a significant contribution internationally to a better understanding of the mites, especially species, and their host conditions. The outcomes of the research are a good example of the mutual benefits inherent in ACIAR's collaborative research model.

This impact assessment study highlights the substantial benefits that can be gained for both Australia and partner countries from collaborative research. In this case, due to the significance of the threat and relative size of the industry, the benefits to Australia are very large. While the benefits in partner countries are smaller, they accrue to the poorer smallholder sector, which is one of ACIAR's main targets.