Project final report

Mobile Acquired Data for the Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program (MAD 4 TADEP) - final report

Date released
01 September 2017
Publication Code
GMCP/2016/004 and GMCP/2016/044

Agricultural Impact International


Several small research and development activities (SRAs) have proven that Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) can improve the efficiency, consistency and value of data collection and project monitoring of ACIAR projects. Research now needs to develop in-country standalone capacity.

Papua New Guinea is a high priority country for digital data collection applications (apps), given that project partners there face infrastructural and labour challenges. In-country institutional capacity needs to be built to provide long-term support for research for development projects.

The MAD 4 TADEP (Mobile Acquired Data for the Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program) is the last in this series of SRAs.

AgImpact, a research and development support company, and Papua New Guinea's National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) will use the 'Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program' (TADEP), funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to evaluate the support necessary to establish sustainable in-country capacity for MAD within Papua New Guinea.

Building this capacity will benefit current and future NARI projects broadly, and create a skilled resource pool of app builders and enumerators that future ACIAR projects could use.

This SRA will provide technical tailored support via in-country workshops and one-on-one training to help the five ACIAR projects that sit within the TADEP program adopt a common app (CommCare).

These apps are:

  • ASEM/2014/095 Improving opportunities for economic development for women smallholders in rural Papua New Guinea ('Family teams')
  • FST/2014/099 Enhancing private sector-led development of the Canarium industry in PNG('Canarium')
  • HORT/2014/094 Developing the Cocoa value chain in Bougainville ('Bougainville Cocoa')
  • HORT/2014/096 Enterprise-driven transformation of family Cocoa production in East Sepik, Madang, New Ireland and Chimbu Provinces of Papua New Guinea ('PNG Cocoa')
  • HORT/2014/097 Supporting commercial Sweetpotato production and marketing inthe PNG highlands ('Sweetpotato')

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