Sandalwood and its products

Date released
31 December 1997
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A M Radomiljac, H S Anathapadmanabho, R M Wellbourn & K Satyanarayana Rao (ed.)



These proceedings are a record of the papers presented at an international seminar held at Bangalore, India, 18-20 December 1997. The objectives of the seminar were to bring together current knowledge on the silviculture, genetics, biotechnology, propagation, management of pests and disease, and utilisation of scented heartwood and oil, to identify the most important problems and constraints and research needs and to develop research projects. Some 140 delegates from India, Australia, Sri Lanka and New Caledonia participated in the seminar at which over 60 papers were presented. It is hoped that these proceedings will be a source of valuable reference information for future scientists, practising foresters, and all those in the sandal-based industries.